Wednesday, Feb 6th

8:00-  9:00

9:00-  9:30


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Thursday, Feb 7th

8:30-  9:00

9:00-  9:45


12:45-  1:30
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4:45-  5:00

Tentative Program

(Speakers and Times Subject to Change)

Registration & Breakfast Provided with Advance Registration

Karen Clise-Dwyer & Diana L. Bonilla Introduction to High Parameter Cytometry Systems

Joe DiGiuseppe, Hartford Hospital, "Computational Approaches to Data Analysis in Clinical Flow Cytometry"

Coffee Break

Holden Maecker, Stanford University, "Defining immune competence: the next generation of clinical immune assays"

Jonni Moore, Univeristy of Pennsylvania, "Next Gen Clinical Flow Cytometry: The Power of Deep and Wide Phenotyping as a Flow Cytometry Liquid Biopsy"

Lunch Provided with Advance Registration

Aaron Tyznik, Becton Dickinson, "Development of a Modular Flow Cytometry Approach to Examine Regulatory T Cell Biology:  Activation and Homing"

Nima Aghaeepour, Stanford University School of Medicine, "Machine Learning for Multiomics Modeling of the Immune System"

Holden Maecker, Stanford University, "Finding predictive cell types in CyTOF data: modeling and machine learning"

Coffee Break

Joseph Spidlen, FlowJo LLC, "Recent advancements in computational cytometry and making those accessible to bench top scientists"

Vendor Exhibits and Ice Cream Social

Breakfast Provided with Advance Registration

Jonathan Irish, Vanderbilt University, "Learning in vivo: How Data Science and Cytomics Are Connecting Cell Biology and Medicine"

Jared Burks, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Composition versus Construction

Coffee Break

Anna Belkina, Boston University School of Medicine, Revealing Disease Phenotypes with Computational Analysis of High-Dimensional Flow Cytometry Data

Monica DeLay, Cytek, High Quality Multicolor Flow Cytometry- How Full Spectrum Cytometry Allows You to See the Whole Picture

Lunch Provided with Advance Registration

Barteck Rajwa, Purdue University, "Spectral cytometry and imaging – is there a room for more dimensions?"

Julie Hill, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, "Designing and Optimizing High-Parameter Flow Cytometry Panels"

Derek Jones, University of Pennsylvania, "FACSymphony validation and optimization for single- and multi-site deep phenotyping studies"

Coffee Break

Brice Gaudilliere, Stanford University School of Medicine, "Maternal immune system dynamics in healthy and pathological pregnancies"

Jonni Moore, University of Pennsylvania, "Service, Education, Development: Balancing the 3 Legs of the SRL Mission; ISAC update"

Jonni Moore, President-Elect, ISAC  “ What’s New for ISAC in 2019 and Beyond”

Raffle Prizes and Closing Remarks

FlowTex Conference Program - February 6th & 7th, 2019